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Re: Len Bias

Eric Walsh wrote:
> What position would Len Bias have played had he been in the NBA?

He was drafted to be the heir apparent to Larry Bird, but I think his
best position would have been at power forward. Bias was considered a
can't miss and if he had lived the C's would have had an awesome group
of forwards w/Bird, McHale and Bias and remember Reggie came to us in
the next draft. That team could have been the team of the late 80's and
the early 90's with the following lineup:
	C     Parrish
	F     McHale
	F     Bird
	PG    DJ
	SG    Ainge
	F     Bias
	F/G   Reggie
Seven possible all stars on one team. Who could have beat them if Reggie
and Bias had lived and Larry & Kevin stayed healthy.