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Re: Why do we attack athletes? was RE: Morally Bereft All Stars

Maybe some of us grew up as athletes fostering a love for a specific
sport(s).  Maybe we can be critical because of what we perceive should be
happening on the field/court/rink.  Maybe some of us are coaches/former
coaches and feel the professionals should be fundamentally sound.

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Date: Monday, July 06, 1998 3:35 AM
Subject: Why do we attack athletes? was RE: Morally Bereft All Stars

>Why do we attack atheletes? Do we do it because we are watching them wallow
>in plenitude as our world falls apart? We watch them as we work harder and
>longer for less money, have our efforts cheapened by children who don't
>respect us, have our thoughts silenced by parents who can't understand us,
>live in small tawdry houses and, worst of all, know that these things will
>never change. Then we see atheletes, living on their golden platau,
>seemingly free of the convential worries of want, sadness and failure that
>predominate our lives. And that makes our's all the worse.
> Is that why we wait, poised, for them to fall, to falter, to fail? Is that
>why we take pride in constructing lists of "morally bereft all stars",
>cackling at player's misfortune as they become as human, as capable of
>failure as we are? I don't know. But it's a thought.