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Why do we attack athletes? was RE: Morally Bereft All Stars

Why do we attack atheletes? Do we do it because we are watching them wallow
in plenitude as our world falls apart? We watch them as we work harder and
longer for less money, have our efforts cheapened by children who don't
respect us, have our thoughts silenced by parents who can't understand us,
live in small tawdry houses and, worst of all, know that these things will
never change. Then we see atheletes, living on their golden platau,
seemingly free of the convential worries of want, sadness and failure that
predominate our lives. And that makes our's all the worse.
	Is that why we wait, poised, for them to fall, to falter, to fail? Is that
why we take pride in constructing lists of "morally bereft all stars",
cackling at player's misfortune as they become as human, as capable of
failure as we are? I don't know. But it's a thought.