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>It's definitely a money losing biz and Gaston has to sell out. If Gaston is
>not able to find a buyer (sucker) in Boston, they've got to move the
>franchise (to Chicago? to LA a third team??!!) Hey, it's economics man, not
>about tradition, or loyalty, not anymore! You can blame it on Glen Taylor
>or  Garnet or our very own AW.

That's why they are having this strike.

>You guys who wants to sign AW to 100mil can glimpse into the Celtics future
>now by looking at the present Minnesota.

Let's see what happens at Minnesota, last year also there were rumours that
won't be able to pay Garnett but he did. In addition there is a difference
between Boston
and Minnesota, the C's revenues are amongst the top six in NBA.

>f) AW unhappy about C's not drafting Nazr
>Can you see it yet? He's not MJ (yet) and he's already acting like one! So
>he wants his friends to be on the C's? He's the Coach and President now?
>(What if his friends is Chris Webber, Camby, Van Exel??) And this is before
>getting the 100mil contract. What about AFTER getting the 100mil contract?

First off, it's only  hearsay and  Michael Holley could easily check the
fact with Antoine
before reporting it but he didn't. I don't see anything wrong in pulling for
your freinds to
be on your team everybody does that.

>You can imagine AW saying these:
>"Why didn't Coach give me the ball during that last time out, I should be
>given the ball man.."
>"Why did Mercer shoot the ball, he should have pass it to me, I was open...
>"I did not want to play in the last 5 secounds, becos Coach designed that
>play for Pierce,....

This is merely a conjecture on your part and has no basis in fact.

>g) 1 year deal at 20 mil
>If we really want to sign AW, I propose to do a deal similar to MJ's type ,
>to a 1 year deal and judge him from there. We won't get hamstrung by the
>cap and we can add other free agents. Of course, this depends on Mr AW if
>he is willing to take such a contract and missed out on the POTENTIAL
>millions of the other 6 years.

I am sure that kind of deal can happen if the C's want it that way but it
may cost
them more than 20.

>h) Team Chemistry
>There will be times whAW shoots 5-25, 50%FT. Everyone of this team mates
>looks at him and think "He's got the dough, he should not be having these
>kind of numbers, why even my numbers are better than him tonite, how much
>am I paid?? Why must I work so hard!"
>There goes your team Chemistry.

Everybody has that kind of games and players understand it. Let me ask what
do you think
Malones shooting percentage was in the first two playoff games against the
Bulls? What was
Pippen's shooting percentage in the playoffs?

                                                    - Mishra