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The ark floats

   I emerge from lurkland to offer support for Noah.
    IF (and maybe that's a very big "if") you enjoy talking and reading about
the CBA and the economics and philosophy thereof, then Noah has done us a
service.  His replies are always very specific, even quoting the words to
which is is responding.     He has not hesitated to agree with his detractors
on occasion, and to admit when his own points have been effectively rebutted.
And he has been, if memory serves me right, unfailingly polite, even in the
face of some attacks.
   Agree with him or not, he seems to be knowledgeable and articulate.  And
let's face it, folks, whether or not the Cs should go after Geiger or Coleman
is a pretty limited argument.  The lockout is the news, like it or not.  I am
one of the many who find it tough to offer much support for either side, but
it does make for interesting discussion.  If you find it boring, then watch
your mail for stuff from ishbak and use your delete key.
    BTW, 10 points to the person who asked if the lockout barred cheerleader

--- Doug, proud owner of ten shares of something related to basketball.  The
package I got mentions:  Castle Creek Partners, L.P; Castle Creek Partners GP;
Celtics, Inc.; CLP; BCC  BCLP GP, Inc; BCLP II GP; Holdings, Inc.; CCC;
Celtics Pride GP; Celtics Basketball Holdings LP; Celtics Basketball LP (the
team.)  GO BCLP II!