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Re: a center

Having lived in Boston from '91 to '96 I became a big fan of the Celtics.
I'm now living back home in Australia and I really enjoy keeping up to date
with the latest news with the Celtics that's provided by this newsgroup.  I
would like to contribute to the on going discussion, but just bear in mind
that being so far removed from the basketball scene in the United States I
don't know the players as initimately as most of you do. A lot of the talk
is about the need for a center. I read earlier that Milwalkee was offering
Andrew Lang to any takers. Wouldn't he be a serviceable veteran center with
a bit of size that would fill the Celtics void in that position? Also, how
come Miles Simon fell so far in the draft? The Ultimate Sports basketball
year books for 96-97 and 97-98 had him rated quite high in both editions. I
haven't seen Ben Pepper play too much, but to give you some sort of
perspective of the National Basketball League in Australia his replacement
when he changed teams last year was the ex Celtic Todd Mundt who proved to
be more than serviceable.