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Van Exel / Oakley

This little tidbit is for all you Van Exel lovers who wanted to have him
come to Boston. It was reported today in the LaLa land Times the reason
for the Van Exel trade was as follows: During timeouts from the second
game on of the Jazz series Van Exel would break from the huddle chanting
something like" 1-2-3 Cancun " and Shaq went ballistic and went to West
and told him to get Van Exel the hell out of here for the good of the
team, that most of the team were out on the court busting their ass and
this guy seemed not to give a crap. In game 4 of the series after the
team broke from another timeout huddle, Van Exel chanted something like
"1-2-3 sweep". Van Exel got his wish and a bonus . Lakers were swept and
Van Exel went off to purgatory better known as Denver. Nice teammate to
have and some wanted him on the C's. He is one of many examples of what
is wrong with the game today. The likes of the Sprewell's, Rodman's and
the Van Exels just want to make you throw up  your hands in disgust.
They are just killing the game that I had come to love. 
Another little tidbit reported today was regarding Charles Oakley doing
some sort of a tap dance on a woman's face in the Atlanta area. Don't 
know all the details but I am sure a full report will be out shortly.