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Re: LockOUT!

A league run by the players would never work.  The agents would become the
owners then.  My point is that the players are no better than the owners.
Besides, it is the price you pay for a pair of shoes, a beer, a car, etc. that
lines the pocket.  Are the players looking after your interests?  No way.  The
players are just as greedy, if not more so than the owners.  I have no sympathy
for either side, but think that the players have overblown egos and are detached
from reality.  Then they are babied by their greedy manipulative owners,
ooppsss, I meant agents, I mean Falk really doesn't own the player does he?

It is foolish to think that either side is looking out for the fans, or to
support either side.  If we had a voice, we would stop buying the products, stop
watching the games, stop buying the tickets, and tell them to get back to us
when the game is interested in the fans.  But that won't happen and the
corporate box income rules now.  The common man is history.

Noah P. Evans wrote:

> > Players who are under contract have a personal services contract.
> >  You can't
> > force them to perform, but they can't go elsewhere and play.  The
> > players are
> > members of the Union and the owners have the legal right to lock them out.
> > Therefore, they are not released from their contracts.
> Oh well. So much for that idea.
> > The players are no better than the owners.
> I dispute that. I watch basketball to see the players not the owners. Since
> the players render the service I pay for, I consider them "better" than
> owners when it comes to the distribution of money.
> >  Who's going to decide
> > how much you
> > get paid, Latrell Sprewell?  What chaos would result.  The agents
> > would end up
> > running such a league and that's what they want anyway.
> Maybe but the owners wouldn't be involved so there would be more pie to go
> around.
> >But in
> > the end that
> > would backfire on them as well.
> > Who's going to pay for the
> > salaries, arenas
> > etc.?
> TV deal? Michael Jordan?
> > No way the players could pull it off.
> Probably not. Still wishful thinking though.
> >  And oh yeah, they'd
> > have to pay
> > for their own hotels and transportation etc.  How much do the
> > players get for
> > those benefits too!  And what about refs?
> Logistics aren't that hard to deal with. Lot's of people have experience in
> those fields.
> >
> > That won't work.
> Wishful thinking.
> Noah


Bentz Kirby