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Re: The Who's Popularity Peak

	>From: Marcus Surrealius <bushchoked
	>Subject: Re: The Who's Popularity Peak 
>> 'Nostalgia band' is a better description.
>Not at ALL. Their best work was still before them.

Try to stay with me here Mark.  I even clipped ample amount of the previous discussion to help you.
I was theorizing that those who went to see The Who in '82 went to see a nostalgia band (as opposed to a "legends" band).
Surely you're not saying that in '82 their best work was still before them?

>> It's just a light.
>> No hat.
>Then what good is it?

It lets you see the light.  ;-)

>Fine, they're still played on the radio everywhere

Not as much as The Who.

>Especially as I'd bet most don't listen to the radio.

Everyone listens to the radio a bit.
I have tapes and CD's in my car too, but scan the stations sometimes.
It's only natural.

>> Not really.  They're 'ok', in a been there, done
>> that kind of way.
>Yep, but so are they all. Including Cake and Outkast.

I find Cake to be one of the most unique sounding bands out there.
Hell, they have a trumpet as lead.
LA funk mixed with Texas twang.
Different, very musically talented, good music, yet has balls.
Favorite song at the moment would have to be "Symphony in C" off of "Comfort Eagle" CD.

>> I haven't heard a new band in a long while that
>> wasn't a friggin' flash in the pan.
>That would be the Pumpkins, for me. So, ten years or

Love the Pumpkins.
For me, it would be Soundgarden.
Miss that band.

Speaking of flash in the pans (Flashes in the pan?), White Stripes....

I actually dug them at first for their balls, but quickly became bored with their sound...or lack there of.
Not enough going on.  Too simply.

>> Seeing how you make your living selling music, you
>> have a financial incentive to dig into them.
>I don't really need to. People ask me for the things
>they want, so when the discs come in I buy them. I
>don't have to listen to them!

Well, working in a CD store all day makes it much easier than where I'm sitting.

>> I never mentioned 'new music' when I made the silly
>> 'stuck in the past' statement.
>You were talking about old music, so it follows.

Could be....granted.
But, I was just pointing out your....*bias*.  ;-)

>> Best comedy show on TV.

The Chappelle Show 
(Comedy Central, New episodes Wednesdays at 10:30, and most Weekends run past episodes from 9pm on....)
"Better not bring yo kiiiiiids!"

>Who's Line Is It Anyway.

Got old quick.

>"We should not march into Baghdad. . . . To occupy
>Iraq would instantly shatter our coalition, turning
>the whole Arab world against us . . . assigning young
>soldiers to fight in what would be an unwinnable urban
>guerrilla war. It could only plunge that part of the
>world into even greater instability."
>                  George HW Bush


Kevin in VT

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