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Re: The Who's Popularity Peak

> 'Nostalgia band' is a better description.


Not at ALL. Their best work was still before them.
However, Tommy took them to legendary status. As in:
if they'd done nothing else, they would have still be
Rock Legends. Some critics say the song My Generation
was enough for that, but there's no doubt about the
effect of Tommy on their career.

> Yeah, but we're not talking about you.

Oh, sorry to inject a personal opinion in there. I
know you'd never do such a thing.

> Hell, you didn't go to the last tour when hundreds
> of thousands did.
> You're a Who fan anomaly.

No, more like I have strict definitions of what I want
and don't want from a band. And Townshend/Daltrey
crossed that line. It not only cost them some respect
from me (and a lot of others, BTW) but it meant they
were no better than a lot of other bands they HAD been
better than.
I stand firmly by my feelings at the time: I'd rather
have the 2000 tour as my last memory of the band live.
And if I have to say it again, I will: If Ringo and
Paul went out as The Beatles, it wouldn't be accepted.

> We chase bears out, up here.

I'll worry about that when the time comes.

> It's just a light.
> No hat.

Then what good is it?

> Kinks that he felt were also "staples in Rock",

Fine, they're still played on the radio everywhere
I've been in this country, which is a considerable bit
of it. And I heard Tired Of Waiting For You on the way
home from my store Saturday evening...

> <that's getting old, isn't it?>

Especially as I'd bet most don't listen to the radio.

> I dig some Outkast.

The latest one isn't bad, but I am a big R&B fan so
that follows. I'd still rather listen to Songs In The
Key Of Life or Chocolate City.

> Not really.  They're 'ok', in a been there, done
> that kind of way.

Yep, but so are they all. Including Cake and Outkast.

> I haven't heard a new band in a long while that
> wasn't a friggin' flash in the pan.

That would be the Pumpkins, for me. So, ten years or

> Seeing how you make your living selling music, you
> have a financial incentive to dig into them.
> I don't.

I don't really need to. People ask me for the things
they want, so when the discs come in I buy them. I
don't have to listen to them!

> I never mentioned 'new music' when I made the silly
> 'stuck in the past' statement.

You were talking about old music, so it follows.

> But, Radiohead?

Yeah, I like them. They're interesting.

> Dating yourself.

I also used a reference to a recent episode of the
Sopranos. I get them from all over, and I'm sure most
aren't caught. Like "Why is a carrot more orange than
an orange," a silly psychedelic song from the 2nd
Amboy Dukes album Journey To The Center Of Your Mind.

> Best comedy show on TV.

Who's Line Is It Anyway.

> Shit, that's right.

No, it's "SCHLITZ, that's right." SCHLITZ.

"We should not march into Baghdad. . . . To occupy
Iraq would instantly shatter our coalition, turning
the whole Arab world against us . . . assigning young
soldiers to fight in what would be an unwinnable urban
guerrilla war. It could only plunge that part of the
world into even greater instability."
                  George HW Bush

Cheers         ML

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