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Re: Kinks...hijinks...summing up

> They're called Petzle head-lamps, and they strap
> onto yo head.


I'd never have known that.

> What?  You be sniffing glue or something...

By your measure of radioplay, the ones who get the
most airplay are the most important. I don't agree
with that.

> <cheers from the audience> by diverting attention
> from his debate-
> winning comment & focusing instead on unrelated
> subjects such
> as Moon's death & Rolling Stone Magazine album
> reviews."


YOU brought up Rolling Stone giving The Who "band of
the year" in 1979. It happens I was reading the Stone
at the time, and before Keith died they weren't very
Who-friendly. If you can find the review for WAY,
you'll see what I mean. There were plenty of negative
articles over the years before that, as well.
That's not changing the subject. Sorry. If you bring
up RS rag, I'm going to call them on their bias.

"637 American troops have died in battle since George
"War President" Bush attacked Iraq for imaginary
reasons. The Bush Administration is moving to
re-institute the military draft, probably by June of


Cheers         ML

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