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Re: Kinks...hijinks...summing up

In a message dated 4/6/2004 6:34:40 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
schrade@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
You won't wanna miss that!  Goodnight, every-

<frenzied applause>

<closing theme music>

I'm gonna hit the sack early tonight so time will pass more quickly.  I can 
hardly wait to see the next episode!

I'll restate my earlier comment.  I would like for Mark to go to law school 
and pass the bar. He's gonna tap his experience, reach into his bag of tricks 
and come up with something sure to confound without even breaking a sweat.  I 
know he isn't going to just give up! 

Y'all are messing with the wrong Dogg, doggs!!  He's gonna make you dudes 
look like a couple of blackbirds bothering a crow.  


Jon in Mi