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Ticket scams (becareful out there)

Hi everyone. 

Seeing that our all time favorite band is getting on the road we all have
to remember if we do not buy tickets from a the stadium or ticket agency
please be careful out there. Not for just The Who but any of our bands we
like. With computers they can make tickets look so real.

It is no fun to get in my luck and to find out there is some one in your
seats and they have the real ticket. Then to be kicked out a reall pisser
of a time then.

Best  is to know who you get them from. Buying them over the internet can
be risky so if you see some one saying they have tickets, ask people on
the list here or at other band sites chats if they know of them to be for
real. Same goes for selling in papers and even at the concert shows.

Just looking out for you. I know of people who has had it happen. It can
be rare but it is out there.

I am one that does like the Kinks. Most songs any way. I love the Stones.
But my all time favorite of course is the wonderful Who. To me they are
the best. But I don't have to tell you that for that is what we are all
here for. 

While I have you all. What Who album did you put on last. Mine was Tommy
the orignal not the movie. I like the sound track. I think I will go put
on Quad. I love all their music Solos included.

Thanks for a your time.    

By the way  Happy Easter to all of you.   


Ride on a happy trail!


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