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Re: Kinks...hijinks...summing up

>> Did I say you had?

> YES!


NO! YOU said it, I didn't say you'd said it!

> So, then, how do you explain why we hear more Who
than Kinks on the radio?

Maybe that's because "we" don't. You might. But then
you're not familiar with all of the Kinks' material so
maybe you don't either.

> I'm sure *current* record sales and other
gobbledy-gook is taken into consideration.

I doubt it, but it's possible.

>> No, I don't see how the people least familiar with
the works of various bands should be a factor.

> Oh, I see.  Critics, etc. are the least familiar
with works of various bands?
You're losing me.

You're losing yourself! You said that popularity via
radio airplay was a factor, I said it wasn't. You
insisted and I said "No, I don't see how people..."

> You've lost me.

Here's a map.

> Take it away Scott....

>>See, this is what I've been saying. 
>>"Bronze medallists". That's third. 

ONE person's opinion. That's all it is. A good example
would be Jefferson Airplane, whom the Grateful Dead
used to open for. Clearly, JA was bigger. But not
these days, huh? Just like The Kinks. However, JA is
played on the radio more than GD. See?
On the chain of things, The Who are the more
innovative and therefore the more important band.
However they've never been all that popular (except
for a brief period when Tommy and WN came out). The
Kinks were more popular, had BIGGER HITS, and lasted a
lot longer too. Come Dancing was a big hit years after
The Who broke up! So they are not to be dismissed
summarily as you have. You have every right not to
like them. But that doesn't take away from their

>D'oh! The jury finds for the defendant


I haven't even summed up yet! 

> Thank you!

BIAS! The judge is friends with the defendent! I
declare a mistrial!

> The only restitution I want is to get out of this
maddening thread!  

Feel free to opt at at any time. I'm still going to
send you some Kinks, though.

"My views are one that speaks to freedom."
 George "except in my own country" Bush

Cheers         ML

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