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Re: Kinks...hijinks ?

> when I first got iTunes), Holiday (didn't Madonna do


Different song, same title.

> Imagine it? I lived it, HOB '99. :)


I don't consider a HOB a bar. Too big. I mean a BAR!

> The reason they aren't as big in the US was because
> they were banned here from 1966 until 1969.

True, but the singles kept selling through the 60's.

> Your opinion.


If we're talking about opinions, then in the opinion
of the casual music listener WN is their best album.
Among most music critics, music professionals and hard
core Who fans, it's Quad (and Tommy).

> It's difficult to debate with you because you clip
> so little of the previous text.

So you're saying these notes aren't long enough as it

> point that by 1971 (WN) the Kinks were no longer on
> The Who's level (if you want to insist they were
"for a while").

Well, that's not true. Because they made one of their
two best that year (Muswell Hillbillies).

> Ohhhh Kay.

It's a shame you can't see that. But apparently you

> Just because I included my opinion, doesn't mean my
> opinion is the point.

You stated it as not opinion but fact.

> And, I thought *you* were the one who said ICSFM was
> better.

I do.

> Right.  If you insist.

You want the chart numbers?

> I can't make that statement.

You don't have to. I've done it.

> It does have it's value.

I don't agree at all. I think the vast majority of
serious music listeners don't listen to music radio.
They have a CD or at least cassette in theif vehicle
(probably with a killer system), and at home the same.

> I don't need to list The Who's TV and Movie
> accomplishments.

Again, I could do the same with The Kinks.

> Mass opinion, means mass appeal, doesn't it?
> Isn't that the point of the game?

If so, then Britney is the Queen of music.

> The potential of a new song by Lennon and McCartney
> would far out weigh the potential for a
> song by just about any other band in the world.

But The Who are clearly a lot better than the Beatles.

> mankind.

Oh, so now it's mankind we're talking about?

> You mean the wave that completely blew the doors off
> music?  The wave The Who continued on?

The first British wave was Beatles Stones Kinks Who,
along with bands like Yardbirds Animals Them etc.

The second, more heavy guitar-oriented wave was Cream,
Traffic, Hendrix etc.

> What do you mean by "group" ?

You know...Rock group.

> You can't say "I'm wrong about that".
> It's an opinion between fans.  That's why I wrote
> "feel"...as in my opinion.

You said you felt, sure, but followed with "their
music isn't close." Their music IS close, that's what
I meant you were wrong about. Not about your opinion.

> And, I'm sorry that I simply can not say that The
> Kinks are more important,

I never said that, did I? But no doubt some people do
feel that way, and could make the argument just as
strongly as we could about The Who.

> This is where, again, I state that it's not about my
> opinion.

But...just a minute ago it WAS! One way or the other,
please! This isn't "mix-and-match" day.

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                   John McCain

Cheers         ML

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