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$1,000 Dental Benefit, Prescription, Vision, Chiropratic, $34.95/mo

$1,000 Annual Dental Benefit

Per Family Member, Per Year!!!


Dental PPO Network with 20% to 80% Savings!

Over 20,000 Dentists ? No Deductibles, No Limits or Maximums. You can go to the Dentist as often as you need!

Oral Exam $55.00 $12.00 $8.00 93%
Simple Extraction $125.00 $44.00 $20.40 81%
Teeth Cleaning $85.00 $25.00 $23.00 98%
Root Canal $556.00 $236.00 $117.60 79%
Crown $750.00 $371.00 $141.12 69%


Prescription Drug Plan

Average Savings from 20% to 50% on prescriptions

Your Card is welcome at over 51,000 Pharmacies nationwide.

There are no waiting periods, no maximums, and your plan is effective immediately with receipt of your membership card.


Mail Order Prescription Drug Plan

A Network of Mail Order Pharmacies outside and inside the U.S. No postage or dispensing fees for U.S. Pharmacies. We have, for your convenience, listed typical 90-day Chain Pharmacy retail prescription prices and compared them to our 90-day Mail Order Program.

Note: Assumption, 90-day prescription calculated on a normal recommended dosage. Prices effective as of 10-09-03

Product Local Retail Price Mail Order Price Savings
Lipitor 40mg $304.99 $216.43 $88.56
Fosamax 70mg $218.97 $125.21 $93.76
Flonase 70mg $200.97 $83.70 $117.27
Paxil 20mg $268.77 $220.89 $47.88
Prozac 20mg $323.97 $180.27 $143.70
Nasacort AQ $220.77 $85.84 $134.93
Coumadin 5mg $70.59 $36.35 $34.24
Plavix $341.99 $259.27 $82.72
Advair 250/50mcg $476.97 $283.18 $193.79
Zoloft $247.77 $177.87 $69.90
Singulair 10mg $286.77 $224.42 $62.35
Tamoxifen 20mg $254.97 $30.71 $224.26
Prevacid 30mg $404.97 $218.31 $186.66
Celebrex 100mg $160.77 $73.02 $87.75
Vioxx 25mg $286.77 $141.79 $144.98


Vision Savings

Network of over 12,000 eye care professionals nationwide. Contracted Rates on medical eye examinations and surgical procedures, including LASIK (where available). Receive 20% to 60% off on eyeglasses, contact lenses (excluding disposables), and other retail eyewear items.

Mail Order Contacts

Save 20% to 60% on most major brands of soft lenses, including disposables, torics, and bifocals. Gas permeable materials are also available.


Chiropractic Savings - Up to 50% Savings!

You get all of the above listed Benefits for you and your entire family for just $34.95 per month (one-time enrollment fee of $100).

Customer Loyalty/Buy-Back Program:

Maintain your plan for 5 years, receive a refund of 50% of all of your monthly dues, or, if you maintain your plan for 10 years, receive a 100% refund of all of your monthly dues. Use your plan as often as needed, and your monthly dues will never increase, unless you decide to upgrade to a higher priced plan.

Purchase on of our Plans before the end of the month, and receive your choice of 1 of the 2 following gifts:

3 Days/2 Nights Free Hotel Accommodations at 1 of 20 destinations

Free Airfare for 2 to 1 of 1,000 destinations

Call Toll-Free:


Monday-Friday 10am-8pm CST

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Or Write To:

DW Group, Inc., 14520 Memorial Drive, Suite M-136, Houston, TX 77079