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Re: Attention all maternal who fans of Italian origin....

Oh, wow..........your talking to me aren't you??  Awww......thanks for the 
heads up.  I have been standing waaayyy over here trying to be a good girl.  I 
knew a few days ago that tickets were going on sale this Sunday and one of them 
has my name on it.

I have my money in hand.  I am going to get the best seat that $200.00 (maybe 
a little more)will buy.   Not sure if I need to be in the front to enjoy it.  
I just want to be close enough to were I can see there expressions while they 

I want to take this opportunity, even though it is very early, to ask that 
anyone that is coming to see them at the Hollywood Bowl on Aug. 9th, I am 
looking to rub elbows with you before and/or after the show.  Email me.

I am already picking out what to wear!  I am THAT psych'd!

I feel like I have a new bounce in my step........(or could it be this new 
bra?)...........I am anxious, energized, nervous.........and happy that I have 
this live Who show to go to.  Of course, they are coming to the Hollywood Bowl 
just for me <wink,wink>.