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Re: Pino's sound at Forum

> So what?  The Stones care only about image and marketing, 

Image & marketing are part of the game, man!  Big League Rock & Roll!
The Who used to be in the Big League.  From the late '60s to the early
'80s.  Then Townshend bailed.

> and it shows in their music.  

I don't know.  I mean, the Stones aren't as raw, mean, & angry as The
Who; I know that.  But the Stones aren't exactly going through the motions.
They know how to put on a decent, exciting show.  Not my cup of tea
musically, but a decent show nonetheless.  I can see that.

> The Who are a band with depth and meaning.  

That's one of the positives, sure.  But I feel they could've been so much 

And like my Stones friend says - say what you want, but those guys are
a hard-working, dedicated band.  We Who fans pick at little morsels of
new music tossed to us every eight years while the Stones give their fans
full-length new albums every three or four years.  So-the-fuck-what if the
albums aren't spectacular.  They're there.  They exist as pieces of music.
As pieces of art.

Plus, their constant & inventive touring.  Makes The Who look like a club 
band.  I won't go into live set-lists again.

I love The Who.  But I get jealous 'cause they seem so *little* compared
to the Stones.  And the kicker is that it wasn't always that way.  The Who
used to be as big & mighty as the Stones.  Plus, they had that depth to
go along with it.  That truth.  That intelligence.

Then, it's like Pete took a pit-stop that lasted six years & the band
wasn't able to catch up to the new leaders.  (Yeah sure, it's not a race,
blah blah blah....)

Mood swing:  I just bought the new Uncut magazine with Pete on the cover,
plus the lengthy Pete interview, & the cool-looking ROOTS OF TOMMY
CD.  Yeah, Mama!!  

The Stones can't stop me from getting my Who-groove on!!  Fuckin'

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism