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new songs

Upon further listens to the new songs, I am liking them more and more.  Others have expressed a preference for ORW, and I would agree that the end "jam" with Pete's firey chords and Roger's "Let it beathe!" is very much up to Who standards.  However, I find RGLB to be the superior song.  There is something stirring emotionally in Pete which is very evident from this song, and Roger's interpretation is noticeably heart-felt.  I have found myself singing along with RGLB, as there is something very noble and moving about it.

As for ORW, the beginning is too Tom Petty for The Who.  I am a big Petty fan, but I don't want to hear Petty-ish stuff from The Who.  Give ORW another listen and you'll see (try putting Petty's voice in place of Roger's and you'll hear my point).  Once the song gets going it gets away from this.  

Overall, it's a great start for The "New" Who, and I can't wait for the full album because I know Pete's got some rockers for us.  Unfortunately, I fear that they won't rock the way they would have had John been able to put his mark on them, but I can always hope.

Hope to see some of you on tour this summer (fingers crossed) since finances won't allow me to hit it the IOW (tear).