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Another worthy review of Forum, night 3....

by JamesK on Mar 26, 2004 - 06:42 AM
 Just like Natalie, who just posted a review of Thursday night at the Forum, it was the reviews on this web site that made me throw caution (and a sizeable amount of cash) to the wind. Funnily my friend who came with me was feeling the same way, for just the same reason. How lucky we are to live in London we reasoned, how stupid we would be to miss the chance.

Pete's ferocious, disciplined attack, his concentration on delicate tonal shading one moment, the next threatning to explode the roof off the Forum - this is peformance on a scale. Precision meets projection, reaching out to the masses, instead of the few hundred in The Forum. The Isle of Wight is a stage to fit, not just a grassy field in Newport, the entire island. 

Roger's visible pain and unease, sabotaged by three nights of smoke, did little to detract from conviction and passion, that did so much to clear the air, after all those so-so tours, from the late eighties onwards. 

Make no mistake. This Who is different to that at the RAH in 2000 - this is THE WHO. 

Just one moment, one of many, sums this up. At the end of My Generation, just after Pete hit a power chord to level a house, and stood on the edge of the stage, arm upstretched, plectrum on high, paused, waiting, looking out into the crowd, a challenge.

In the ocean deep silence, in the overwhelming tension before the earthquake roar that would surely follow as the hand slashed down, I understood a little of what it must have been like to see The Who when both Keith and John were alive, and a lot of what it is like to see The Who today, in 2004.

There were moments that The Ox's absence was felt, and Moon's as well, but there were many others were gobsmacked was the only possible reaction, to Zak, Pino, Simon, Rabbit, Pete and Roger's chemistry. Surely bands are all about Chemistry? Alchemy more like, the unbelievable, here and now.

Unbelievably unbroken and unbeatable - The Who.

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