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Another excellent Kim and Lester review - Forum Night 3

A very short running time tonight, 92minutes, against just over two hours on the previous two nights.

Who Are You
I Can't Explain
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
Another Tricky Day
Baba O'Riley
Behind Blue Eyes
Sea and Sand
Love Reign O'er Me
Eminence Front
You Better You Bet
Won't Get Fooled Again

My Generation segued with (Old Red Wine) - Not the vocal part song, just the jam inspired instumental ending

After YBYB, Pete and Roger had a talk, as RD was evidently starting to get some vocal problems, he had been protecting his voice by getting the audience to 'sing the high notes' on Bargain, by turning the mic towards them!

There were some issues with the sound earlier, Pete was gesturing to Bob Pridden almost from the off. Then later after the discussion with RD he called him from behind the mixing desk out of view at the side of the stage, along with Alan Rogan, for a chat behind the amps and effect racks, presumably to tell them the set was being shortened.

Roger has been complaining about the effect the smoke from the audience has been having, from day 1, the rant about TCT/smoking was a pointed one! Next night, Harvey Goldsmith came onstage and asked the people in the front of the audience not to smoke and notices were erected. (PT (in a probing, head teacher like tone): Are any of you lot out there smoking then?). Roger asked the audience to refrain from smoking, 'as after 3 nights, it's killing me'!

Pete said he had 'particularly felt the need to be with family and friends like you lot this week', alluding to the BBC documentarythat dragged his arrest up again in such a public way. PT: ' I said to Roger earlier in the week, I feel pity for the people a similar situation who didn't have all the support that I had, and I'm grateful for it'. 

This was the best combined performance of the three, but there is very little indeed in it - the deltas would not be recognised by anyone other than the likes of us. The punters were very enthusiastic during, and after the shows, which would appear to bear that out.

At the end, Pete thanked the audience over the 3 nights for helping them, and they were now finished with the warm up, 'it's been a bit of an experiment', and also said it was 'nice to be able to play really small places like this again'.

If you ever dreamed about seeing The Who play in your front lounge, this is perhaps as realistically and literally close as you are going to get to that in practice for a paid general admission performance! (Oceanic would be closer though).

Monday's RAH show up next..........


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