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new songs as album filler

> Anyway...to me, and I'll admit I'm a harsh critic,
> these songs sound like album filler, like A Man Is A
> Man or Why Did I Fall For That.

Well, I hesitate to disagree with Mark for fear of venomous retaliation, but I am going to do so, anyway, in a civil manner.  If these songs are the two big "hits" from the album, we're in trouble.  There needs to be more ass-kicking along with intelligence.  THAT'S The Who.  I have to say, however, that both of these songs are WAY better than "Why Did I fall for That," which I find sickening.  Both of these songs have heart and soul, even if they don't leap at you as inredible, time-transcendent songs.  Roger's emotional depiction of these songs are far more reminiscent of vintage Who than FD and IH Who.  There is an intangible quality to how he's singing that is moving.  I see incredible potential for the album if Pete has some ass-kickers waiting for us, and these two songs are nice Who-teasers to wet our appetites.