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Re: Who's on bass

> I've had a chance to listen to the Forum video file Matt posted a few 
> times this evening. 

I wasn't able to access it.  ;-(  Your comments on Pino make me want to 
hear it.  None of my friends who saw a show on the 2002 tour were
too impressed with Pino.  And a lot of those friends were musicians.

If Pino *has* incorporated more speed & more fluidity in his playing
then great!  It's not as if he didn't do *any* fluid 16th-note riffing
in 2002; it was just limited & *very* low in the mix.  Which leads us to 
his rigging on stage....

That would be more good news if Pino has a beefier-sounding rig on stage.
His stage sound was *way* too subtle &.....smeared (?) in 2002.  But I 
can't help wonder why these "professionals" (Pino & the sound technicians)
were unable to get it right the first time around.  I mean,....sound is
what they do!

But I'm curious to hear this 2004 Who.  I'll buy *one* of these forum 
shows.  Don't know which one yet.  Gotta wait for the reviews!

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism