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Who's on bass

I've had a chance to listen to the Forum video file Matt posted a few times this evening. I have a nice subwoofer on my computer with a knob that I can adjust, which is really helpful to evaluate what Pino is doing on bass.

I heard a lot of complaints last tour about Pino not playing loudly enough, but I was at their first show in Hollywood after John died, and I know what the problem was. Pino started out very loud in the mix, but about five minutes into the show, they turned him down because they knew the sound wasn't right. The loud bass only emphasized that John wasn't playing, and worse, it didn't work with the music.

Now I may not have the most critical ear for Who music--maybe I'm very easily satisfied, but it seems to me they've got the problems fixed. The bass sounds fine to me.

1) Pino went home and practiced. He has picked up speed. Last tour he was playing eighth notes to John's sixteenth and thirty-second, but now he's galloping right along.

2) They've worked on his rig. I'm not a techie, and I haven't seen what he's using, but he's got a softer and meatier sound that fits much better and drives the music as required.

I think it's time to turn him up.


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