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Re: Forum

Very curious about the "emotional evening" and exactly
what that means.
Anyone there, please provide your insight.

Interesting to open with Who Are You.

And, as many of us thought, the melting together of My
Generation and 
Old Red
Wine seems to be complete.

I was there. Stood outside for 4 fucking hours.
Actually, it went quite quick and managed to get right
in front of Pete and no-one in front of me.

As for an insight in to the emotion. It wasn't all
that evident to me to be honest. Yeah it was a good
show. I think only topped by Watford in recent years
for me. I think that is down to having such a good
spot again. There were hugs abound, between Pete and
Rog after the set and the encore which looked pretty
genuine and that was really nice to see so i'm
guessing that's what Matt meant. Who, by the way, kept
getting in the way to take his photo's, bless him. I
was taking a few of my own so if they turn out ok,
i'll get them posted up somehow.

I won't review the whole show. Other people do it
better. I will say that it was strange that they
played RGLB and half the crowed knew the words
already! Pete did say, with that wry grin of
playfullness of his, that RGLB was their "new" single.
He also said that they have been m,oved out of the
"dead" category of the record company and into the
Artists still alive section.
Just a few technical problems. Rog's guitar didn't
work a few times. KAA i think was the worse time when
he just stopped playing. Pete's guitar went quiet a
couple of times due to lead probs. Rog forgot the
words to LROM, which he laughed about. Rabbit
miss-timed a run on the keyboards to which Pete made
an off-mike comment which was in good humour. That is
the great thing about being that close. you get to
see, hear all those special moments.

Pete did mention that they were working on a new album
and said something like; it's just taking a bit of
time to get together.

As for Pino. I thought he was too low in the mix.
Missed the usual, heart-stopping thump of John. But he
is very good.

All in all, an excellent night which started with a
Verbally quiet Pete but who played with all the usual
ferosity but ended with him smiling and having a laugh
with us and did show somw genuine signs of his love
for us. 

Last quote was from Rog, who, after breaking two
tamborines through the Tommy encore, stood at the
front of the stage and said, "were supporting a cancer
charity and all you lot out there are smoking. How
ironic is that?" (paraphrasing, but close)

Cant make Wed but will be there on Thurs. Can't wait.

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