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Pete is sooo fucking happy! (and so am I!) Bjorn's review


They're back...

Trying to recollect things in a chronological order... Well, my day started early, as being the 4th in line behind Cynthia, Alan McK, Alan McM & Susan McM. Saw the whole lot of people that almost feel like family to me. So many of them. New face to me was Colorado Bob, what a cool dude! 8) And after the show (OK, not chronological here) this kid from Japan, Kitsjiwa or something, from Osaka, who has become my big friend and bootleg trader, but most of all; my guide to Japan when The Who plays there!!! (just a rumour, but I kept hearing it an awful lot! Maybe because I was saying it a lot, but I heard it from other places too!).
And after a day of fun, no sun, and fucking will-call tickets stressing me out because they wouldn't hand will call tickets out 'till the doors would open (so I'd get run over by a stampede of wild fans while I'm waiting at the box office for my ticket). But hey, it ain't good if it ain't fucked up somehow. Luckily it went quick enough (and so was I with my kick-ass boots) and I got the prime spot, in front of Zak, just off of Daltrey's side towards Pete! :hat

Man, I got stories. The mayhem continues!

First we get to hear from Matt that the I-tunes deal was a fuck-up! Another fuck-up tpo add in the (rather big) book of The Who's mismanagement (written by Bill Curbishley, foreword by Shel Talmy). >D
Matt also told us it was gonna be a rough crowd. It didn't seem so by me.

They get up. Roger with his sideburns and Pete wearing some casual T-shirt. And Pete had a smile.
Roger singing: "Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner, that I love London so!".
Kick off with WAY, kinda strange, but maybe they did that because it kicked off so good as well at the CFNY. Then the standard few songs...
I was shouting lound enough to probably get heard on the encore series!
At some point I yelled: "Happy 60th Birthday Roger!!!" But he didn't hear. Later someone else yelled at Roger and he told him "I can't hear you mate, I'm going deaf.". So I yelled "Your getting old!". And that he heard!!! :lol "No kidding!" he said, and laughed! :lol Susan McM (next to me) told me to shut up, but hey, he can have it. At least no-one shouted "Get on with it!" for the entire show.

Intro of Baba O'Riley. I was pumping my fists in the air and noticed Pino kept looking at me. Me and Pino had a lot of eye contact, and he kept smiling. I think I made a new friend! :o
Anyway, switched over to Pete who always kinda stands back in the dark during the intro and pump my fists towards him. He looks at me, smiles, and points at his hair (or what's left)... :lol He fucking recognised me! 'Cause I have a new haircut.

They played RGLB, Pete introduced it as: "I wrote this song about you lot", and after "son, you're an ugly boy", I yelled "OH NOOOOOO!!!". Roger seemed to have some trouble with his acoustic guitar there and plugged it out.
They played Eminence Front. It's just kick-ass to see Pete, Roger & Zak all play electric at that song.

In between songs I made my respectful notice by shouting at the top of my lungs suring a second of silence: "DA FOOOOCKING WHOOOOO!!!". See if you can find that on the encore. :lol

They went into ORW straight after My Generation, but only did part of it (the ending).

Roger only fucked up once :lol, forgot the lyrics to "Love Reign O'er Me". I shouted the lyrics towards him.

They went off and came back for a mini-Tommy encore. We where shouting "Magic Bus" and that made both Roger and Pete laugh (must've thought "Don't they ever get tired of it?", but maybe it's good for them to see that things haven't changed, it's all the same... And it's all good... Soooooo good!).

When the show was over I got a drum stick from Zak's roadie (new faces, 'cause the gang is in Japan with Clapton, except for Pete's guitar tech).
When the show was over I learned that Alan McK got initiated into the piss-club. Some kid had pissed against his trousers, so we have a bond right now. What can I say? Piss happens. I'm so glad I'm not the only member anymore, because EVERY time I go to a WHO show the piss story comes up... Who's Next? :lol

Pete was very, very happy. I did my best to heckle him, but I don't think even Magik can piss him off at this moment. Pete just kept laughing. Maybe it's like I wrote earlier, maybe he's happy to see that we're all still the same fuckers going insane...

When I was outside I heard Zak was asking where I was. Man, he needs to get me a pass next time. He said he liked my new haircut! (what did I tell ya! the fucking highlight!) I was outside with some psycho-freak junkie that was really, really scary. It was like that dude was tripping on something, and the scary thing is that it was probably his own brain.

Anyway, chatted up with my new Japanese friend from Osaka. Saw Simon leave, and he remembered me (Cowboy Hat Guy!). Walked around the corner and saw my Japanese friend handing out stuff to Zak to sign. Walked up to Zak and said "So who is this?", Kitshiwa (?) said: "Oh... This... Is... Uh. Zak Starkey! Yes! Yes!" (I love my new buddy! He was so excited!) So I say "So this is Zak Starkey, eh, the drummer of The 'Oo?". So Zak is still looking down to the stuff he has to sign and says. "Eeeuhh, yeah..." He looks up and goes: "BJOOORN! Haha! How are ya!". So we chat briefly and I tell him I'm in a band; "Oh yeah? You play drums?" I say: "No, I took up your advice! I'm the lead singer." So he already knew I was leaving the day after, but I told him I was gonna see him at RAH, and at Isle of Wight. Told him I was gonna wear a skeleton suit at the IOW, and he got a kick out of that. Told him not to tell the others. ;)

An amazing night in the tradition of amazing nights given to me by The Who. John was really missed, he would have loved it...

I made new friends, and the mayhem continues. Pete is soooo fucking happy, and that could mean many good things...

Now I'm going to bed. There's a bit of a hectic/agressive situation going on at work, so I do not have the feeling of regret of missing the next two Forum shows... I know I need to do this... This is good. And I feel happy.

Ladies and gentlemen... The Who!!!