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Re: Is there a virus?

Paul wrote:

>The mailing lists on igtc.com cannot send you a virus.

At least not a computer virus.   Emotional viruses
are sent and spread at random.  All members are
impacted.  The only prevention is common sense and
patience.  It can be very unsettling.  ;-o

>1) Any attachements sent to the list get stripped off before a message gets posted to the list

Good policy! Viruses often hide in attachments.

>2) The list only sends plain text

Better policy!  Styled text can get out of hand.
HTML sent to a primitive email program can appear

>3) igtc.com is a linux box :)

Hurray!  I know Linux; Linux is my friend.  Matt Kent
probably uses Linux for The Who chat board; herefore
Matt Kent is my friend. (speculation alert.)

>If you get a virus message purporting to come from igtc.com, I assure you, it's a forgery.

> - Paul -

How do we know you're the real Paul?   This is very off
topic you know! (kidding, really!)  ;-)

Joe in Philly - Awaiting the IMPLOSION of Veterans Stadium
this morning.   I saw The Who there in 1989 (first time).
It changed my life.  I now play the guitar.   I am member
on Who mailing lists.   I've met lots of folks who I
regard as friends.  :)