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Re: Is there a virus?

Keithjmoon70@xxxxxxx writes:
> I received an email from the list today under Scott's address with the
> line:
> ^ __  ^ mew mew (-:
> It must've came from that because I know Scott wouldn't send something
> that.
> What do I do about it?
> Jon in Mi.

Many viruses these days forge the From line, by picking one at random out of
the person who's been infected's address book.

The mailing lists on igtc.com cannot send you a virus. 

1) Any attachements sent to the list get stripped off before a message gets 
   posted to the list
2) The list only sends plain text
3) igtc.com is a linux box :)

If you get a virus message purporting to come from igtc.com, I assure you,
it's a forgery.

- Paul -