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Re: Roger, the king!

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>"no, he shouldn't be trying to sound like Elvis on THAT part."....I
listened to her and by golly, he does sound a >little like he is trying to
sound like the king.

I think it's almost impossible to sing an Elvis song without sounding like
you're doing an Elvis impression.  There *is* something different about the
way Roger sings that part, though.  Particularly, "but I....I can't help."
He gets down deep, which suits his aging voice.

By the way, this is from memory because I can't seem to access my "two new
Who2 tunes" on my new computer.  Which sucks, bcause this is the one with
the CD burner.  I've now got my iTunes account set up on two computers (you
are allowed up to three) and the songs are on the one at work.  There's an
opion on iTunes that lets you download music you purchased, but haven't
downloaded.  It didn't let me do that, either because I have already
downloaded them once, or because they have been removed from the system.
Next step will be to try to copy the files and import them.  Does anyone
here know if that works?  They are in some strange format (.m4p) and won't
play in other players.

> How's Italian sound?

A little bitta lika this?

Jim M (Who's also a paisano, but doesn't speak the language)