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Roger, the king!

Is it my imagination, or does Roger do a little Elvis imitation when he 
sings......."I can't help falling in love, with you!"..........My daughter tells 
me, "mom, Roger should NOT be singing that".  My head whips around, "what did 
you say?".....she says........."no, he shouldn't be trying to sound like Elvis 
on THAT part."....I listened to her and by golly, he does sound a little like 
he is trying to sound like the king.


I have no idea what the problem was with my email.......but I did eventually 
get it.  
How's Italian sound?  My uncle owns an Italian bistro in town with lots of 
atmosphere, very adult only.  That is one choice.  Of course the wineries in 
Temecula are exceptional and have nice dining.  But, my budget is probably 
tighter then yours so I'll give it more thought. :)