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Props to my Peeps

In a message dated 3/18/2004 11:26:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
bushchoked@xxxxxxxxx writes:
Comrade...it's time for you to get that Jane's
Addiction CD out of the plastic and play it LOUD!

Yeah,  I did that, and you're right Mark it is a great CD. I really enjoyed 
it. I did that while "leaning out my window givin' props to my peeps".  Thanks 
for the heads up.


>>Yeah! Doesn't he know it's "Peace-up!"

Actually it's "Peace-Out" but I was in a hurry and shortened it.  Around here 
we usually say "I'm ghost" or "I'm outtee" or "Holla back" or "Yo, Ahoy, 
Ya'll!"  Gotta be careful what you say around here though or ya just might get 
*Myrk'd* or *Skwyrded*

I really do dig that Roses song though. I have to say, Outkast struck it rich 
this year with that catchy, funny, shallow good time dance music. I sent that 
one to the ex and we had a good laugh. "I know you wanna thank yo shht don't 

That's what the album needs.  A great catchy tune.  I heard Zak break it down 
at one of Roger's benefit shows and I'd love to hear one dance tune by The 
Who2. I think I need it. After all this analyzing I feel I'm starting to take 
this shit too serious.  

Jon in Mi.