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Re: Who Anthems

> I thought so, too, but I couldn't accept  LROM and
> WAY not fitting the definition.


Then think about it this way: it's the kind of song
that makes you want to march behind the band singing
the song. Like "We are the Mods, we are the Mods..."
Some Folk songs would fit this, some wouldn't.
> The studio verion is
> *so* much more majestic than any live version.

Thousands of overdubs gave their lives for that sound.

> OK, but is it majestic?

Sure, it's epic. It's majestic. It's a concept. Let's
fall in behind the band...

> consider Jon's definition, "Song of gladness,
> praise, devotion, or patriotism."

IKNW would fit the patriotism part, perhaps, but if
you count gladness and devotion then Universal Prayer
would fit and it's clearly NOT an anthem. Pavardigar,
on the other hand...

> defiance than devotion, although there's aspects of
> that, too, and it's an anthem, nonetheless.

I think definance is an acceptable element. After all,
"We are the Mods..." is certainly definance.

> ok, to show you my connection to that style of pop
> music, my second cousin is 
> ron dante who sang "sugar sugar" as the archies, and
> also sang "tracy" as the 
> cufflinks and "the leader of the laundromat" as the
> detergents.

Ha! I remember them all! LOTL was a satire of Leader
Of The Pack, and quite a clever one.

> Alright, this is getting way out of hand.  "Rael?" 


You rang?

Yes, Rael fits under Jon's definition of devotion,
doesn't it? Hey, it's a song of epic adventure! "If a
red flag is flying/Brazen bold against the blue..."

> more conservative

As Paulie Walnuts would say: "OHH!" Wash your mouth
out, using such foul language in public!

> I want "Sister Disco" included on these dreadfully
> diluted lists I'm seeing.

SD? Nah. It's just a clever little song.

> I would add Overture too to this too.


Good call. I missed that one.

> By the way.  This is a great mix for a "Who Anthems"
> CD.

Yet another Who collection...

> Anthem:
> "A hymn of praise or allegiance."
> Webster.


Take a bow Mr. Literal.

> Rael.
> As if!

Yeah, no allegiance or praise in THAT song! "Rael, the
womb of my religion/To me the center of the Earth..."
And what would an church organ be doing in a Hymn?
C'Mon! It's an anthem. It's big. It's majestic as all
get out. Tons of reverb.

> I hope you & the gang there


Jeez, dude, you bucking to audition for the lead
singer of the Archies or what? "Hey, gang, I know,
let's do a show to raise the money!" Where's that
lovable scamp of a Punk I used to know?

> They be leavin' STANKONIA in 2004 Rizzzle dizzle
> Fo-*SHIZZZLE*  Ma Nizzles.


Comrade...it's time for you to get that Jane's
Addiction CD out of the plastic and play it LOUD!

> >Peace! J Knizzle up-in the Dizzle. 
> What the *fuck* was *that* ???????


Yeah! Doesn't he know it's "Peace-up!"

> I'm quite perturbed.



Dean Dean the dancing machine?
(sorry, just watched Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind)

> It's OK, Scott.  You don't need to pretend.  We know
> it's your favorite movie.


Well...did you get a load of Goldie's breasts in that
movie? Hay-Zeus on a stick!

"We've tripled the amount of moneyI believe it's from
$50 million up to $195 million available."
         George "fuzzy math" Bush

Cheers         ML

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