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Re: Anthems and little Davie

----- Original Message ----- From: "Marcus Surrealius"

> > To me, a song that presents a battle cry.  A
> > rallying song that represents a mass group or other
> > noun.
> Kevin:
> Yeah, that's a good way to put it.

I thought so, too, but I couldn't accept  LROM and WAY not fitting the
definition.  Then I was thinking, most folk/protest type songs would be
considered anthems by this definition.  Buffalo Springfield's For What It's
Worth would be one.  That's not right.  Getting back to Who songs, Dig would
be an anthem.  It is nothing if not a group's rallying cry.  But, it's not
an anthem, is it?

> > How many anthems have The Who
> > done?  What the fuck *is* an anthem?!"
> An anthem is a "epic" or "majestic" song. As in My
> Generation or WGFA or Punk Meets The Godfather.
> Pictures Of Lily isn't an anthem, but ICSFM is.

Majestic.  I like that.

> > "Slipkid?"  No, that's not an anthem.  I wouldn't
> > even consider "Love, Reign O'er Me" an anthem.
> But it IS one.

Damn straight.  There are songs that take on a new power and achieve anthem
status when performed live.  LROM is the opposite.  The studio verion is
*so* much more majestic than any live version.

> > Is "Pinball Wizard" an anthem?
> No, but WNGTI is.

Damn straight.  By either definition.

> > usually do "anthems", and haven't done one since
> > 1972, some 32 year ago.
> What about I've Known No War? Definitely an anthem.
> Hell, you can even march to it. If you want.

OK, but is it majestic?  I think the last Who anthem was Who Are You.  Let's
consider Jon's definition, "Song of gladness, praise, devotion, or
patriotism."  Maybe Who Are You turns that on its ear.  It's more a song of
defiance than devotion, although there's aspects of that, too, and it's an
anthem, nonetheless.

Jim M