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Anthems and little Davie

Harsh! Poor little Davie. "Gee, Davie..."

> But then I thought, "Wait a minute.  Not every Who
> album contains an anthem-like song.


And how many of the ones which didn't were successful?

> How many anthems have The Who
> done?  What the fuck *is* an anthem?!"

An anthem is a "epic" or "majestic" song. As in My
Generation or WGFA or Punk Meets The Godfather.
Pictures Of Lily isn't an anthem, but ICSFM is.

> I went and bought that album because of your
> recommendation. I still haven't 
> opened it, as I've been sidetracked.


I think you'll be glad. It's power Rock in the Who
vein. Although perhaps it sounds more like Alice In
Chains. Whom I like as well.
> Pete Townshend on the guest table that was never
> picked up. ha.

Perry is a Who fan.

> I don't think so.


I don't either. I think Punk is the only type of Rock
still breathing at all. And, as Sam Gamgee said,

> Me2.  Who2 sounds so close to U2.


Shit. I didn't even catch that.

> work in that one song called (with or without you???
>  that's not right, is it??)

Great song, from Joshua Tree.

> Looking to get married?   ;-)

Nah, I've been married for 28 years. Looking to save
America from the fear merchants.

> Not sure I see it as a problem.  ;-)

As Yoda said: "You will. YOU...WILL."
(he sorta said it)

> "Hey, Greg Lake.  We'd like you to play bass on our
> *demo.*"


Cause he's so busy and all, that wouldn't happen. Not
a musician with the current stature of Greg Lake
(What's his name again?).

I can see it all now: "You guys need a bass player?

> Seriously.  Some 
> of those old Partridge Family albums are quite good.

You really ARE in Bedlam, aren't you?

>  Sugary, but 

Mo, that was the Archies. Sugar Sugar. You're getting
your imaginary bands mixed up.

> Aw, come on.  What are the other ones?  I don't have
> a 5.1 set-up

In the words of Dave Edmunds: "Get it."

> & may never hear that mix.  I wanna know!

Another one: the breaking mirror is completely
different. There's a LOT of stuff, and I'm not sure
what was there and unheard and what's been added. I
didn't know ANYTHING was added, did you?

> "Slipkid?"  No, that's not an anthem.  I wouldn't
> even consider "Love, Reign O'er Me" an anthem.  

But it IS one.

> Is "Pinball Wizard" an anthem?

No, but WNGTI is.

> That's four.

There's more than that! A Rock anthem has to be
defined as the kind of song that gets the audience
singing along.

> To me, a song that presents a battle cry.  A
> rallying song that represents a mass group or other
> noun.


Yeah, that's a good way to put it.

> usually do "anthems", and haven't done one since
> 1972, some 32 year ago.

What about I've Known No War? Definitely an anthem.
Hell, you can even march to it. If you want.

"Just remember it's the birds that's supposed to
suffer, not the hunter."
   George "gettin' the word to my peeps" Bush

Cheers         ML

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