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Re: More comments on new tunes

In a message dated 3/17/2004 8:58:22 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
sschrade@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
But then I thought, "Wait a minute.  Not every Who album contains
an anthem-like song.  How many anthems have The Who done?  What
the fuck *is* an anthem?!"

Good question, Scott.  I've wondered the same thing.

Anthem (n.) 1. Song of gladness, praise, devotion, or patriotism ex: heavenly 
anthem, national anthem. 2. piece of sacred choral music with words usually 
taken from a biblical passage. Colliers Dictionary.

An anthem should be an upbeat song with plenty of drama; something that we 
would all like to sing loudly together.  Of course, WGFA is one.  Baba O'Riley 
(happy St. Patrick's day) is another. Hmmm. Slipkid?

Jon in Mi.