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Hits and Diamonds. They're not the same thing.

In a message dated 3/16/2004 6:19:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
bushchoked@xxxxxxxxx writes:

You MUST realize The Who2 (or even The Who9) will
never, ever have a "hit" again. Have you listened to
current Rock radio lately?

Yes, daily.  It's sickening.  It sounds sort of like hearing the vacuum 
cleaner in the apartment above you making the floor vibrate (guitar) while someone 
is throwing up in the bathroom (singing). 

I agree with you.  They won't make it on the rock station. TheWhoX are real 
musicians and Pete is too deep. The words won't cut it in this environment 
hit-wise, so it would have to grab them with the current sound. They aren't gonna 
be old men doing kid stuff. Only the classic rock stations will give them 
airplay.  Bonifide hits don't come from classic rock stations.

I thought that when Mick teamed up with Lenny Kravitz and did that "God gave 
me everything" song it would be all over the radio. It wasn't. That song was 
hook city.  You have to be young for the young to want you.  It's a crush 
thing.  Pete is writing to us.

Interesting, how different people have reacted to the songs.  My kids dig it. 
 -Or they're grounded. (joke) My 25 year old nephew (who is into gangsta rap) 
likes it and can understand Pete is a real dude but agrees that it's just too 
deep and mellow for the radio.  The lyrics really struck him because he's 
getting to the age where he understands that Pete is right. Life isn't just some 
damn party.  (because he can't understand what rock singers are saying, I 
preprinted up a copy of them and told him to read them as the song played, which 
he appreciated)! 

I also played it for a friend of mine who is about 52 yrs old that came up 
through the sixties. He is very deep and has a sharp sense for the lyrics. His 
opinion mattered to me the most.  He was blown away by the new songs from the 
very first phrase.  He told me "Jon, in the sixties, in rock everybody wrote 
deep music.  It just doesn't happen anymore.  Pete is still writing it.  This is 
the best I've heard the Who sound since WGFA."  He made the comment after 
hearing Pete go off at the end of ORW.  The look on his face was priceless.  So I 
said, "Jim, I'll sell you my copy and I'll go and buy two more."

Jon in Mi.