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RGLB Under the surface


I'm just soaking up the new songs.   RGLB is my favorite.   I think
it has a high windmill quotient potential.    I hope I'm right.

The layering of the dialog verses and the chorus is a lot like
Tommy and Psychoderelict  in that theres this story being
conveyed up-front with this musical backdrop that surfaces
during the chorus.      Between the reality of what's apparently
happening on the outside and the thought process of our
hero internalizing and making good out of poor circumstances.

"What is happening in his head?" ---> "Listening to you I get the music...."

"You say we're moving like an oilslick, thicker than a house brick" ---> "I'm an English boy..."

"You got 'em all, you got 'em all. With some extras thrown in" ---> "That's a real
good looking boy..."

Pretty neat stuff from our Pete. Again, no disappointments here.