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Re: Speaking of Daltrey albums...

> Does anyone know the scoop on the Daltrey anthology CD that was mentioned
> recently on the Who's website?
> Is it to be released in the US?  I noticed a Daltrey anthology on Amazon UK,
> but I think that's a different one (single CD released a few years ago).
> I'd like to order a couple of things from the UK, but want to wait until
> this is available, if it's not going to be released in the US.

I think it's a British-only release.  Maybe it's still too early for pre-ordering. (?)
It's supposed to come out May 31st.

Incidentally, The Who news page on Pete's site says the Daltrey anthology will
be called ONE MAN BAND, while the following Sanctuary Entertainment
website link says the 2-CD set will be called JUST A BOY. (?)


- SCHRADE in Akron

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