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Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V11 #67

This was my opinion on "Old Red Wine," Deni. Music always captures my attention first, and this one doesn't do it, so I'm having a hard time listening to it. I can't understand the lyrics very well, so it's a total wash until the "jam" at the end. That's just me, of course. Lots of other folks seem to like ORW with its rawer sound better than RGLB.

Of the two, I like "Real Good Looking Boy" better, but neither quite has the sound that makes me quit what I'm doing involuntarily and listen--which The Who's biggest hits all do. The intro to RGLB does give one pause--it's a tried and true hit--but the new parts don't quite hold my attention. For someone that hears the lyrics first, that's no problem, of course. The lyrics to both are very touching.

I predict these will stand up well because of their depth and musical quality, but that they won't match "Baba O'Riley" for sales to movies and TV soundtracks. ;)


Wow..and I completely disagree with this opinion on RGLB. I thought it had tremendous commercial appeal! Ha..what do I know because I only listen to classic rock radio stations.

I admit I'm seriously out of touch with what flies on the radio these days, but this one didn't capture my attention either--at least until the ending. We need a whole song that moves along at that pace and with that drama.

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