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Re: The new tunes. Afterglow.

On 3/14/04 12:55 PM, "Joe Lewinski" <lewinski@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello,
> I know it's early, but does anyone have the lyrics or chords
> to these songs decomposed yet?
> Joe in Philly 
As far as chords go, this is what I have so far for ORW:

Old Red Wine

D       Dsus4 Em7
Old red wine, well past its prime,
Asus4              A   riff               D
May have to finish it, after crossing the line
Dusty old wine, two thousand a time,
An inch of black mud always left behind

C then F

G            D                   A         D
They say you turned in while the sun still shined,
That gorgeous girl with you was highly primed
She said she'd take you way down or way up,
She might break your heart, she might crack you up

<fast forward to the end>

D then A

Just let it breathe,
Ooooh, let it breathe,
oh breathe life,
Breathe life,
Let it breathe,
Oh, let it breathe,
Let it breathe

The riff I'm still working on (I'm sure there is a chord you could
substitute their too, Maybe C).