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Re: The new tunes. Afterglow.

In a message dated 3/14/2004 11:44:09 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
schrade@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Then, Daltrey's pleads transformed themselves yet again & made
me think of my own life, my own passions,.......me.  Once again,
I've been touched by this band.  Once again, they have created
something which so easily becomes the soundtrack to *my* life.

Isn't it great? And it's not over.  

Pete sort of stopped with his solo career after it fizzled saleswise.  The 
Who was a weary old horse with half of the members dead.

What is this Who2?  Could it be the vehicle that Pete uses to let his music 
out with from now on?  You're right, Scott.  It's still there.  They've somehow 
managed to tap that well. It's no longer just wishful thinking. We can 
finally stop speculating. I adore their sound.  It is a 6 member band now.  

Old Red Wine never ceases to give me goosebumps when it hits the overdrive 
gear.  Zak sits back and cruises with the solid beat and high-hat as the 
beautiful piano plays Pete's melody and Roger sings the title words like he was Pete 
himself.  How does Roger do that?  He still does it!  When Pete does his jam 
at the end Zak does that Keith Moon flurry so well. It has Moon all over it.

And how he sang "now that's a *real* good looking boy!" makes me tear up as I 
type this.  I can see a kid looking in the mirror with no one around and 
liking himself.  Liking who he is.  -Not polluted by narcissism or bent by low 
self esteem like a muscle head, but by a pure little boy that is happy to be 
alive.  This is so normal.  Not typical, but normal. The way Roger emphasized it 
is brilliant.  Bravo Roger.  Bravo Pete.  Bravo Who2.  We wish you great 
success and long lives.  Thanks for helping with the soundtrack to ours.

Jon in Mi.

PS.  My own sons and I drove around listening to these songs, and many the 
thoughts I've been posting came from that period.  I've been absolutely blessed 
by having children that want to know these things and they really listen and 
help me to see stuff by discussing it.  After discussing the intrinsic 
significances of these two songs I asked them to tell me what the two big hit Outkast 
songs were about.  It was priceless.  They said "One is about liking the way a 
girl moves (ooh ooh ooh) and the other one is about being ice cold cool and 
wanting the girls to be on their baddest behavior so they can borrow some sugar 
from them."