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Summer Tour and new album..

>From: Jdtr006@xxxxxxx
>Subject: Re: (no subject)
>I know it's crazy but I am actually waiting to plan any vacations. 

You're not alone there.
Book a house in the Outerbanks for early September and then possibly miss a Who tour??
I'm waiting another month or so.

>And finally...anyone have the dvd Rock and Roll Guitar Heroes?

Is that the same program that appeared on VH1 or some other cable channel a while back??

>From: Marcus Surrealius <bushchoked@xxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: 1989 tommy video and then some

(See, I missed that!)

>I was pretty surprised, given Pete's "public" opinion
>of touring during that period. Every time I saw him he
>seemed to be having the time of his life.

Ha.  He does seem to want to be all boo-hoo when asked, but then seems to usually be enjoying himself.
Got to wonder if his 'ho-hum' attitude in the video was on purpose.
Who know.
Who cares.

>There is no Who.

Oh, that's right.  ;-)

>I'm living on memories.


>And since you
>mention it, I'm not thrilled at yet another greatest
>hits plus two.

Yeah, I hear ya. 

>Or at more Pino.

With ya again.

>Is the idea of different bass players

It's looking like it.
Pete's last diary entry specifically listed Roger and Pete's backing band, "WHO2", as including Pino.

>I'd like to see a pic of Jimmy Page's face if
>JPJ was with Who's Left this year.

To be used on Halloween?

>And I might even go
>to a show, who knows?



>And I might even go
>to a show, who knows?

One more time??

>And I might even go
>to a show, who knows?

Now *that's* a change!

>I will promise this: if Jane's
>Addiction opens, I'll go. Strays is effin' amazing.

I dig J'sA too.

>Any new Townshend material had damned well better be
>that good or they shouldn't release it.

Rabbit and also Eddie Vedder .... from one of your favorite bands...you know...Pearl Jam (?) seem to think it's the fashizzle (that's the "fucking shit" for you non-Snoop-lingo folks).

And then, there's this recent quote from Yo man Greg Lake..

>Also, Greg has received a CD copy of one recording he cut with The Who
>recently. According to Greg, the track came out great, and is "classic 
>Who-styled rock'n'roll in every sense of the word..."

I'm optimistic!
Can you believe it!??

Kevin in VT

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