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Let me lead.....

>From: SicilianMother@
>Subject: let's dance

Trust me, I hesitate even writing this, and I know you're in a bad place
right now, but it's been bugging me how you've portrayed Pete here.
I feel strongly that I need to defend him from your projections.

>I can so see how Pete just get's pissed off.  "Pete is gay", "Pete is
>"Pete is wishy washy", "Pete is moody", "Pete is a fuckin weirdo".  What
>can Pete say, but "Fuck you!!!"  He can't get a break.  No matter what he
>does, everyone has to pick it apart and analyze it, like everyone knows
>better then Pete knows Pete.

I don't believe for a moment that this applies to Pete.
Pete purposely refused to clarify his sexual preference, in defense of
homosexuals everywhere.  Admirable.
I've never heard anyone say Pete is crazy, except for perhaps Pete himself.
Everyone is moody, to differing degrees, but I've never heard anyone say
that about Pete in a critical way.  Sure, his stage persona has it's moods.
He needs that for motivation.  My take on Pete off stage is of a serious
business man.
I've never heard anyone say Pete is a weirdo.
I don't believe Pete says "Fuck You" to Roger, to his fans, or even The Who.
Burning out on something isn't the same as having distain for something.
Pete also had his own professional agenda back in '89.
I don't believe *anyone*, let alone "everyone" believes they know Pete
better than Pete knows Pete.

>I can relate to Pete in that when he writes he opens up about his most
>personal thoughts.  The most personal things about his feelings he pours
out into
>his songs.  How painful it is to do that and then have everyone around him
>shouting "Pete!  Your a fucking weirdo!!"

This, again, is inaccurate.
I dare say what Who fans everywhere, casual and serious, admire about Pete
*the most* is his soul sharing.  We all relate to it.  We all admire it.  We
all are extremely grateful for it.  It's saved more lives than even Pete
I haven't heard *one* person shout "Pete, you're a fucking weirdo" as a
result, let alone "everyone around him" shouting that.
It's just not so.

>But, he is Pete Townshend, a fucking god figure to some.

That is indeed a problem, for "some".
A vast minority, even here on lists devoted to The Who and Pete Townshend.

>However, he is
>still a person and nobody likes to open up their inner soul and then have
>stomped on.

Well, you're right that nobody likes to have their inner soul stomped on.
But, this again doesn't apply to Pete.
I've never hear *anyone* stomp on Pete's inner soul or thoughts.
And, I don't believe anyone here has stomped on *your* soul.

>But, there is one of Pete's qualities that I totally and completely
>That is the fact that when someone offers him wisdom and caring advise, he
>listens.  That's cool.  That's fucking brilliant in fact.

It is cool and brilliant, but I'm not sure how you come to such a
I don't believe anyone here knows Pete well enough to make such a claim.
Will *you* listen when someone offers you wisdom and caring advise?

>When all else fails,
>and their is no one left to turn to........that's when things start making
>sense to me.  Too bad we have to be completely broken down to figure it

The most important person in your life is.....you.
Number 1.
It's you that will get you through life.
Not anyone else in the world.
If you're looking for *anyone* else to carry that burden, you're looking in
the wrong direction.
You, you, you.
Not a spouse, not kids, not pets, not a minister, not a religion, ...nothing
and no one except you.
Face it, the world is an extremely lonely place when push comes to shove.
Only you can push when pushing needs to be done.
We all *do* get by with a little help from friends, but.....emphasis on "a
They can't help push.  They can't help shove.
Only one person can do that for you, and if you look in the mirror..........

Be one.
Respect #1.
Stand up.  Be confident in number 1.

But, in the immortal words of my man Rodney Daingerfield.....
Don't step on number 2.

It's funny, but there's a message there that applies perfectly to what
you've written to this list.

Kevin in VT