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Pix of us and yo momma's got a titty on her back

	 >From: Keithjmoon70@
	>Subject: Pix of us and yo momma's got a titty on her back 
>>I can see your nipples!
>But you can't see the one on my back.

Wouldn't that be a 'nubbin' ?

>Now Keets showed up in full effect.

What, she just flew in from Paraguay?

>At present we're the only IGTC'ers on it 
>as far as I can tell. So let's see yours!

I'll pass.  And, I don't really recognize any other listers there.  Well, except for WF.
I only snoop around Pete's chat to see what the latest topics are and to see if all are playing nicely. 
Just too crazy with so many people.  Most of the topics have been beaten into the ground here in the past.

There are enough photo's of me floating around.
I believe dr.jimmy.com still has the photo of me and John.
Oh, and I think who.org still has the photo of me getting sandwich hugged by Pete and Roger.
Definitely have my license plate up.

Who knows.
Kevin in VT

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