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Re: 1989 tommy video

> Pete told Bill C Who album or tour, not both.  No
> brainer which was going to make more money.


Consider...aren't you just as glad there isn't a Who
album from 1989? I'd hate to think of what it might
have been. Probably too much like Steel Wheels.

> For me anyway, that tour was actually quite good


I agree. The show itself was quite dynamic (saw them
in Raleigh NC). When Amazing Journey started, I got
chills down my spine. They did one of the best
versions, or aggressive versions I should say, of My
Generation I've heard. Pete was in great spirits,
coming out before the encore sweeping the stage with
an imaginary broom, looking up as if startled at the
cheers of the crowd.
It was great to have the greatest Rock band back
again, for a moment.
Never was too impressed with the video. It's too tame.
The Who on Ice. Tasteful, delicate, measured...this
isn't ELO we're talking about!

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        Cheers         ML

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