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Re: 1989 tommy video

In a message dated 3/8/04 4:54:48 PM, Sroundtable@xxxxxxx writes:

<< Well, I got the now infamous 89' video.  I know that tour has been 
widely here, so I was looking forward to finally seeing it.  Well, I must 
agree with most of the criticism.   >>

For me anyway, that tour was actually quite good if you were there (I know, 
it's always better if you're there...)  Attending the shows was quite enjoyable 
and everyone seemed to be smiling at the end.  I saw three shows that tour, 
including the last two US shows (Houston & Dallas).  By the end of the tour, 
Pete was playing more electric, for what it's worth.  Also on that tour, I got 
to hear a lot of more obscure material like "Trick of the Light" and "Mary Anne 
with the Shaky Hands" in addition to the usual favorites.  Yes, there were a 
lot of people on stage, but most of the extras were horn players and backing 
vocalists who, to me, usually just embellished the songs rather than competed 
with or diluted TED.

<< Simon Phillips was incredible.  Loved his style and energetic behavior 
the kit.  Why didn't they stay with him through today?  I love Zak, but 
Simon's also great.  Just wondering what the story is there. >>

I like Simon and Zak too, but I was actually disappointed Kenney wasn't 
there... (I don't mean to open a can of worms, here....)