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I'm baaaaaaack

Did you really think I would stay away?

You all should be used to all my weirdness by now.  At least I ain't takin' 
dumps while your in the shower right?

It is all about the music.  It's all about the music, I just keep telling 
myself......it's all about the music.....And, yes, I think the Who activity is 
stressin' me out.  I don't know whether to shit or get off the pot (Kevin's dump 
while in the shower thing is stuck in my head now).  I don't know if I should 
be excited or pissed or what.  I know it has my blood pumping either way.  
But, I don't feel the normal Who rush.  The rush you get when you listen to 
Sparks or YMB or anything John plays, or Roger's rebel yell.  I'm not there yet 
and I am not sure if I will get there, at least this summer.  Not with the Who 
or Pete/Roger and Who2 at least.

At any rate, I am back. If you guys (and gals) behave yourself, I might stay. 
Ha!!  And Kevin, if I use the toilet in your bathroom to take a dump while 
your in the shower, will you jump in my bed too?  Doh!!!!

Sorry, one of us is married.......... ;)

Jo :) <yes, I am definitely feeling like my old self again, trying to ruffle 
some feathers >