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Summer Tour Dreaming...

>From: "Jim M" <petenotped@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Summer Tour - New Album - I've got all the answers.
>Tough, boys.

Running the streets??

>You're going to see The Who. 


>Would you rather see them do the
>same old thing (which *is* great), or something new, different and daring?

I've got a boot from the last TCT show that was acoustic.
It was nice, but....

>I say both!  As long as there is a full North American tour, those people
>should be happy they're going to see something unique.

I dunno.  Pay a bunch of $$ to fly to London to see The Who rip RAH apart, only to find it's going to be an acoustic set?
Actually, seeing Tommy acoustically does intrigue me.
But, as much as hearing Sparks electric with Roger smashing his tambourines??
I don't think so.

>I'll bring my sister.  She'll kick yo' ass.

I'm tired of getting beaten up by girls.

>From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Summer Tour - New Album - I've got all the answers.
>Yeah, it seems like they're tackling it in steps.  Seems like.  We don't 
>really know what's happening behind the scenes.

Yeah, Pete owes us a day-by-day diary entry.

>> Or, are we just talking demo's here, and the final recording for the 
>> album will have to be done with all present?
>I doubt they'd waste a Daltrey vocal performance on a demo.  Pete
>usually supplies the vocals on his demos.  That would be Roger's
>guide as to how to sing the song.

Exactly.  Making me think more and more that this is coming together in sections.

>After a final OK, the song then gets mixed & mastered, perhaps with
>only Pete present.

Precisely my good friend Watson!
This lead me to a thought about Roger.
For all the "Pete's a genius" and "don't want a Roger track", etc. that we all hear and say, isn't it really Roger who we look to for final and dare I say *ultimate* approval?
Isn't it really Roger who we trust the most to let us know if a song is good or not??
Think deep down.  Isn't there a shade of doubt about Pete?  He's gone astray into la-la land before.  To places that Roger refused to participate in (thinking Rough boys, etc.).
Pete can write it and play it, but if Roger doesn't bless it, we know it's not Who material.

I came to this realization sometime over the weekend, and found it interesting, if not downright *shocking*!
<ok, maybe not shocking.>

>In the modern approach, the tapes just get shifted from studio to studio,
>& the individual musicians come to *it.* 

Far be it from Pete to not be on the cutting edge.
But, let's hope Roger and Pete oversee final editing/mixing together.

>> This is all leading up to something big, I can feel it!
>> I'm feeling it.  Are you feeling it??   ;-)
>That's it!  Feel it!  Embrace it!

Squeeze it?

>Two CDs?!  You'll get *one* & like it, pal!

That remains to be seen!

>What?  ;-)  Jesus, a tour hasn't even been announced & you guys are
>making plans.

More like fantasies at this point.

>OK, sure.  I'll try to plan for a Mansfield show.  Even
>though, right now, a Mansfield show doesn't exist.  Happy?   

Odly enough, no.

>You're tall, that's about it.


>Scary?  Yeah, right.

I can be scary!

>If scary is leading a 
>bar full of inebriated Who fans in loud "Who chants" is scary, then 
>you're scary.

I was *damn* scary *that* night.

>If scary is walking around with a big grin on your face, chatting to
>Who fans at preshow parties, then you're scary.

Big grin was more than likely chemically induced.  ;-)

>The closest you got to scary was that time I was sleeping on Jess's (?)
>floor that one morning & you started fucking with me because you 
>were all wide awake & all energized.  *That* scared me!

Stu sure laughed his ass off though!
Yeah, sorry about that.
My college roommates quickly became used to me jumping into bed with them in the AM.
I didn't care if they had girls with 'em or not!
MORNIN' !!!!
It actually started as revenge for their "habit" of taking dumps while I was in the shower.

Kevin in VT

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