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Re: February Record Collector (UK)

K+L gave us a heads up on the Who content in the latest issue of Record
Collector, and now that I've got it I found some Who related snippets on
page 32, mn the pipeline, a look at forthcoming releases in the rest of this

Leo Sayer's albums Endless Flight and Silverbird are to be re released on

March 30th Roger Daltrey's 2 CD anthology, giving it all away

Now I've seen nothing about this in any of the lists, any one got any ideas?

Non Who releases that titivate me are :

30th March        Terry Reid's new album Alive (are you sure) and a 2 CD
Diamond Head anthology; Nazz 1 and a 2
                        CD Nazz2/Nazz 3 are rereleased on CD

27th April          Steve Marriott anthology

May 4th            2 CD "Introduction to ELP"
                        2 CD UFO Ultimate Collection

In September a 5 cd ELP box set, and a 2 CD KEmerson solo anthology;

Nothing about the rumoured deluxe edition of Rumours by Fleetwood Mac, nor
the release dates for the next batch of Jethro Tull albums on CD.

And as ever with any release date, these can be changed at the whim of the
record company - and often are!