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Who By Numbers

> By the way, what is "a child of any revolt?"

"Not a child of any revolt but a plain man tied up in life."

Beautiful lyrics.  He's saying he's not some important person with a
high-minded goal.  He's not driven to any ultimate sacrifice.  He's
being lauded as a revolutionary when in reality he's just "a plain
man" caught up in life's everyday challenges - just like anyone else.

"Not a child of any revolt but a man of today feeling new."

A little more difficult.  He's not some crucial figure fighting for some 
grand cause.  He's a "man of today."  He's not a man trying to change
people's futures.  He has become apathetic in the present.  He has 
accepted his impotence.  And this feeling is new to him.  He is a new 
man of self-realized mediocrity.

Two lines.  And some seriously deep shit.  The genius of Pete Townshend.

> Oh, and They Are All In Love was the other song that I still can't get 
> into.

I know what you mean.  That's not one of my favorites either.  But I like
it much more today than I once did.

> but "zip magazine?"  Am I the only one that think that sounds silly?

No, it's "thbbtttt! magazine."  ;-)  Yeah, that line is a bit daft, but
rather than name a magazine & get sued, it's a statement which says:  All
those magazines are the same.  Gossip rags.  Shite.  

The "thbbtttt!" makes a little more sense if you picture the British "two
finger salute" going along with it.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism